About Us

Who are we?

We are commercial litigators. Kluever Law Group's Commercial Litigation practice is a client-focused team with a client-focused perspective. For any commercial enterprise, litigation is a necessary evil – a means to a business end. We staff, plan, and manage cases with this in mind. Our objective is to get a dispute from Point A to Point B as cost-effectively and quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to our client’s business.

We are litigators who cater to financial services clients. For nearly two decades, Kluever Law Group has represented banks, investors, loan servicers, and financial institutions in collecting debts and recovering and liquidating collateral. Our diverse financial services background makes us an exceptional advocate and strategic partner for our clients.

We are real estate transaction attorneys. Kluever Law Group’s Real Estate practice group represents clients involved in all manner of real estate transactions. Our role is to help our clients achieve their goals by getting to the finish line at a reasonable cost, and we believe that legal matters must serve the business as a whole—not the other way around.

We are business attorneys. Kluever Law Group’s business practice group provides goal-oriented representation in an efficient and cost-effective manner, and includes attorneys experienced in a wide range of business and corporate transactions.

We are your partner. Kluever Law Group strives to develop long-term partnerships and relationships with our clients.