Kathleen  Kramer
Kathleen  Kramer

Kathleen Kramer

Chief Operating Officer of Default Operations

As a crisis management expert in the hit TV show Scandal, Olivia Pope was widely regarded as “the Fixer” for every imaginable – and unimaginable – crisis. No matter how large or small the incident, she swooped in at the last minute to right the ship and restore order. At Kluever Law Group, our “Fixer” is Kathleen Kramer. While Kathleen neither hobnobs with the D.C. elite or takes down political empires (to our knowledge, anyways), she adroitly identifies issues and implements effective solutions like a seasoned crisis management expert.

Kathleen has over 13 years of Default Mortgage Servicing experience, where she specializes in client relations, process improvement, and compliance. She started her career as a foreclosure paralegal focusing on client and borrower escalations. After establishing a solid foreclosure knowledge base, Kathleen joined Bank of America, where she oversaw 53 law firms across 13 states. While at BOA, she successfully implemented several global initiatives through partnerships with investors, colleagues, and the bank’s attorney network.

In her current role as Chief Operating Officer of Default Operations, Kathleen relies on her compliance and customer service background to deploy “best practice” processes and procedures, aligned—as always—with client and investor requirements. She excels at understanding her clients' needs and the value of continually delivering top-notch service with exceptional timelines. She credits her success to having had the privilege of working alongside industry greats on both the servicing and law firm sides in Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, and Texas.

In her spare time, Kathleen enjoys spending time with her puppy, relaxing at the lake, brunching with girlfriends, traveling the globe and, like her fictional alter ego Oliva Pope, enjoying a glass of wine after a long day of being the firm’s “fixer.”

  • Regis University
    • Majors: Economics, Politics, History and Spanish
    • Minor: Education
  • Member: ALFN WILL (Women in Legal Leadership), ALFN JPEG (Junior Professionals & Executives Group), MBA mPact, MBA mPower
  • 2022-2023 Vice Chair - ALFN JPEG (Junior Professionals & Executives Group)
  • ALFN Answers – Diversity in the Workplace (Summer 2020)
  • “Managing Remotely,” ALFN WILLed (Fall 2021)
  • “Getting to Know You,” ALFN Willed (Spring 2022, Summer 2022, Fall 2022)