Cook County Enters General Administrative Orders Ending All Foreclosure and Eviction Moratoriums

On October 7, 2021, the Presiding Judge of the Cook County Chancery Division entered General Administrative Order 2020-07 (GAO 2020-07), which, among other changes, allows for the immediate resumption of all residential foreclosure in their entirety. This includes cases previously stayed from moving to Judgment where a Covid Declaration response was received and sales on occupied properties. Also, COVID Declaration forms no longer need to be sent on any new foreclosure filings. GAO 2020-07 requires all Orders signed by Judge in each case to now include a future Court date, which will likely result in more required court appearances than we traditionally see in Cook County.


Recent Supreme Court Decision Reducing Foreclosure Costs

The Illinois Supreme Court recently found a provision of the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure requiring plaintiffs to pay additional filing fees in residential foreclosure actions to be unconstitutional. The implications of this ruling are significant, as it means that the costs to file new foreclosures in Illinois will be reduced by as much as $550 per filing.


Illinois Court Rules Chicago Post-Foreclosure Eviction Protection Ordinance Unconstitutional

REO DEPARTMENTS and other industry participants preparing for the resumption of residential foreclosure sales in Illinois may have one less compliance headache to deal with after an Illinois appellate court ruled that a controversial Chicago ordinance—Chicago's Protecting Tenants in Foreclosed Rental Properties ordinance, commonly known as the Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance ("KCRO") —is unconstitutional.